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Policies and Procedures

A005- Standard Operating Procedures

A010- Written Directives

A011- Job Classifications

A015 - Philosophy and Value Statement

A020- Oath of Office

A025- Code of Ethics

A035- Internal Investigations

A040- Grievance Procedures

A050- Goals & Objectives

A051- Interagency Cooperation

A060- Grooming Standards

A070- Inspections

A080- Organization

A090- Career Development

A095- Records Mgt

A096- Cash Handling

A096A - Cash Drawer Reconciliation

A097- Dept. Property

A100 - GCIC NCIC Procedures

A134- EEO Plan

A135- Recruitment of Personnel

A145- Selection of Personnel

A155- Command Authority

A165- Performance Evaluations

A175- Promotions

A185- Obedience to Orders

A195- Code of Conduct

A200- Awards and Commendations

A210- Off Duty Employment

A211- Sexual Harassment

A224- Bias Based Profiling

A225- Public Information

A230- Administrative Reporting

A235- Planning & Crime Analysis

A240- Social Services

A240A- Referral Directory

A241- Personnel Early Warning

A245 - Laptops

A250 - Social Networking Sites

A255 - Use of Computers

A260 - Carry of Firearms Off-Duty and Retired

A265 - Honor Guard

C100- Crime Prevention

C100A- Community Relations Plan

C150- Victim Witness

Crime Victims Rights

Current Approved Roads for RadarLIDAR

E001- Special Operations

E005- Mutual Aid

E010- Emergency Services Unit & Hostage Negotiators

E020- Civil Disturbance

E025- National Guard

E030- Disaster Plan

E040- VIP Security

E045- Special Events

E060 - Incident Command System

E070- Hostage Barricaded Incidents

E080- Weapons of Mass Destruction Plan

E090 - Threat and Terrorism Action Plan

E100 - Active Threat


I010- Criminal Investigations

I040- Solvability Factors

I050- Informants

I060- Crime Scene Processing

I065- Evidence and Property

I070- Interviews and Interrogations

I075 - Line-ups and Show-ups

I080 - Computer Voice Stress Analyzer

I090- Surveillance

I100 - Criminal Intelligence

I110- Organized Crime, Drug and Vice

I111- Undercover Operations

I112- Decoy Operations

I115 - Identity Theft

P010- Patrol Operations

P011- Preliminary Investigations

P015- Missing Persons (Adults)

P020 - Missing Children

P030- Uniforms

P040- Police Response to Aggression

P044- OC Spray

P045- Less Lethal Weapons

P050 - Tasers

P070- Arrest Procedures

P075- Diplomatic Immunity


P079- Suspended License

P080- DUI Arrests

P081- Pretrial Release

P085- Courtroom Security

P090- Legal Process

P100- Transportation of Detainees

P120- Bomb Threats

P130- Use of Police Vehicles

P135 - Assigned Vehicle Program

P140- Traffic Admin

P141- Traffic Direction

P145 - Automated License Plate Reader System

P150- Use of Speed Detection Devices

P151- Digital Mobile Video Recording Equipment

P152- Strip Body Searches

P160- Vehicle Impounds

P165 - Towing Services

P170- Traffic Accident Investigation

P175- Traffic Engineering

P180- Assisting Motorists

P190- Pursuit of Motor Vehicles

P200- Roadblocks

P210- Juvenile Procedures

P215- Police Explorer Program

P216 - Explorer Ride Along Program

P220- Search and Seizure

P221- Canine (K-9) Unit

P222- Family Violence

P222A - Family Violence Protocol

P223- Hearing Impaired

P225 - Ride Along Program

P225A - Ride Along Release

P230 - Segway i2 Police PT

P235 - Body Worn Cameras

P240 - Mental Illness

P260 - City Marshal

Preface Sheet

S002 - Employee Support Services

T010- Training

T015- Civilian Training

T020 - Field Training Officer Program

T030- Firearms Regulations

T035- Firearms Qualifications

T050- Physical Fitness

T050A - Physical Fitness Assessment Scale

T060- Bloodborne Pathogens

Table of Contents