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Tips On Keeping Your House Safe

Criminals usually look for easy targets. There are many things you can do to make your home less attractive to criminals:

  • Lock your doors and windows! This includes rear sliders, garage overhead doors and doors in your garage that lead into your house.
  • Keep exterior lights on at night.
  • Dogs that bark are great for deterring criminals from breaking into your house (as long as they don’t bark all the time and disturb your neighbors).
  • If you are going out for an evening, leave a couple of interior lights on as well as a radio or television.
  • Keep bushes trimmed up around your house so they don’t offer cover for someone sneaking around the exterior of your home. If you do plant bushes near your house, get some with thorns on them.
  • If you keep valuables in your home, hide them somewhere other than in your main bedroom. That is usually the first place a criminal will look.
  • Add an alarm system to your house.

And please, if you see someone that is acting suspicious in your neighborhood, call the police @ 911 immediately. Many criminals are caught because a concerned citizen takes the initiative and reports suspicious activity when it is occurring. For further information on protecting your home, please contact Asst. Chief Almond Turner at 770-385-2143.