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Emergency Services Unit


 The Covington Police Department's Emergency Services Unit (ESU) was formed in 2015 to more effectively address certain situations which may require the use of special weapons, equipment and training to resolve.  This unit consists of twelve members including a team commander team leader and two assistant team leaders.  Team members work in various assignments throughout the department including Patrol and Investigations.  All team members keep their assigned equipment with the in their vehicles at all times.  With this structure, there are usually several team members working together at any given time allowing for these members to be on the scene of a situation requiring ESU quickly.  This allows many situations to be resolved quickly and possibly without the activation of the entire team. 

Team members are required to maintain good physical shape and are tested twice a year by the police department's physical fitness standards.  Any member not passing every portion of the physical fitness test will be placed on suspension pending retest.  Failure to pass the retest would result in dismissal from the team.  In order to establish the unit as more versatile, ESU team members continuously receive additional training including search and rescue.  The ultimate goal is to have a team which can perform a variety of duties in addition to tactical response, as we continue to utilize our resources for the citizens of Covington.