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Mission Statement

The Philosophy of the Covington Police Department

The philosophy of the Covington Police Department is to be on the cutting edge of providing effective, efficient and professional law enforcement services everyday with care to the community we serve. We are committed to being aggressive toward new techniques and ideas applicable to the delivery of those law enforcement services and resolved to take a leadership role in perpetuating those innovative approaches that foster the ideals of this department.


Effectively providing police services and protection, equally, without hesitation, to all citizens who are in the community, even to the point of sacrifice of life and limb in order to maintain the safety, security and welfare of all citizens.


Efficient use of those resources allocated is of major importance to the department. It involves the efficient deployment of manpower, the maintenance and care of equipment and the wise use of time in preventive crime measures, so that the community is assured that their investment in the departmental resources is used in the most efficient manner.


Professionalism is gained by having a strong commitment toward the personal development of the men and women who make up the department. This commitment is to provide the best available training, equipment and up to date knowledge through advanced educational incentive programs and required physical fitness conditioning, so that an employee's relationship with the police department is not a mere job, but a career of honor with personal growth and achievement.

Values Statement


We value an environment that fosters the development of leaders at all levels to identify and resolve issues that face our department and community.


We will be knowledgeable through education, training, and technology to better serve our citizens and employees. We will present a personal appearance and demeanor that models a positive image for the Covington Police Department.


We are committed to the highest principals of integrity and fairness to maintain respect and public trust for the citizens we proudly serve.


We will promote the pride we have in the profession of law enforcement by acting responsibly, being accountable for our actions, fulfilling our obligations, and holding others accountable for their actions.

Officers and Staff
Covington Police Department