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Covington Police Training Hours 2022

Law enforcement is a very dynamic profession and is constantly changing due to new laws and numerous judicial interpretations by courts in Georgia and around the country.  As police officers, we must always be vigilant by staying abreast of these changes and interpretations.  The rights and privileges of every citizen must be protected under the United Stated Constitution.  We recognize those rights and privileges and take protecting them very seriously.  Therefore, officers must always be training to ensure they do things the right way.  In 2022, our officers recieved 7,250 hours of training, giving a total of 84,803 carrer training hours for all law enforcement personnel employed in 2022.


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The philosophy of this department is to be on the cutting edge of providing effective, efficient and professional law enforcement services every day to the citizens we serve. We are committed to being aggressive towards new techniques and ideas applicable to the delivery of law enforcement services and resolved to take a leadership role in perpetuating those innovative approaches that foster the ideals of this department.

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The Support Services/Community Outreach Division of the Covington Police Department was established to promote, emphasize and encourage positive community involvement with law enforcement. The Covington Police Department believes that a law enforcement agency that allows and fosters the community to involve itself cannot help but be more responsive to the community's needs. Effective law enforcement depends upon a high degree of courtesy and cooperation between the department and the public it serves.