Extra Patrol Request

Security Check Request

The Covington Police Department offers security checks to all citizens and businesses within the city limits of Covington. This service is provided to residents who are going out of town and wish to have a police officer check their residence periodically while they are away. For our local businesses - we would be glad to have an officer check the business for security reasons. Please complete this form after reading the information below.


Internet Security

When submitting forms over the internet, there is always the risk that information provided can be viewed by someone else. The Covington Police Department takes normal precautions to protect data, and we only ask for the minimal information necessary to process your request. However, you are submitting this data with the understanding that we cannot guarantee this information will not be intercepted. You can visit or call the police department at 1143 Oak Street (770) 786-7605 if you do not prefer to submit this form online.


The Covington Police Department makes every effort to check every security check request we have on file. However, due to our response to other calls for service, we cannot guarantee the security of your property on an individual basis. If you are going to be away, you should take every precaution to secure your property in your absence.

Security Check Request
General Information:
Emergency Contact Information (if not yourself)
Time Period for Security Check
Additional Information
I certify that I am the owner or caretaker of the property described above, and that the information provided is to the best of my knowledge. I further understand this information is being transmitted over the internet and could be subject to interception by third parties and could be delayed or not delivered due to technical errors. I further understand that the Covington Police Department cannot guarantee my property will be checked with regularity, if at all, under this program due the possibility that higher priority requests for service could interfere.